In my role as a Designer at Barkley, I was tasked with building a digital campaign to promote Planet Fitness' September Promo, which featured discounted sign-up fees used to entice new members to join the club. The ask?: position Planet Fitness as the gym where you can go at your own pace and not deal with the get-fit-quick #BullFit that spreads around the internet.

With this in mind, my copywriter and I wrote three iterations of social-first video ads, which feature our hero combatting various fitness enemies before eventually joining Planet Fitness, the environment he feels most comfortable in to achieve his health and wellness goals. I also had the opportunity to be on set and help art direct the shoot for these videos, which involved selecting wardrobe, designing sets and directing talent to fit our vision. I even got to create a satirical protein supplement brand – Meat-eor Protein (Whey Out of this World) – to feature as a prop in our videos.
In addition to these videos, I was also responsible for creating a website 'doormat' for the Planet Fitness homepage, static ads that ran on Facebook and Instagram and a branded Snapchat filter that gym-goers could use in club.
Creative Director(s): Stacia Weiss and Kevin Kampwirth
Associate Creative Director: Eileen Hogan
Copywriter: Taylor Brookhouse
My role on the Planet Fitness account also involved designing evergreen social response GIFs and GIPHY stickers for use on Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. Below are some of my favorites.
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