Working as an Art Direction intern for Fusion Marketing, our team was asked to help relaunch Amelia Sparkling Rosé by establishing a unique image for the brand, setting it apart from the many competitors within this saturated market.
Focusing on the social nature that rosé can create, we positioned the brand as the drink a group of friends can grab to celebrate life's occasions big and small. From there, the tagline "Spark Celebration" was born and set the tone for the overall message of the relaunch campaign.
Using this big idea, I set out to design the look of Amelia's social pages, website and the various assets that would be present during the experiential event, which we dubbed the Amelia Empower Hour. The event aimed at reintroducing the brand to the market by showcasing all the things Amelia stands for through the use of rosé-centric cocktails, engaging photo ops, table-top drinking games and an opportunity to pass the celebration onward by sending a bottle to a friend.
We also implemented an evergreen aspect of the campaign with the introduction of the Amelia-mobile, a traveling Rosé drink truck that brings the celebration wherever you may need it.

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