The S’mores BLIZZARD Treat is a fan favorite menu item at DQ, though it had been a couple years since it was last available to consumers, resulting in notable vocal outcry on social media. With its long-awaited return slated for April 2023, our team was tasked with building anticipation and excitement through a teaser campaign across DQ’s social channels. Taking inspiration from the plethora of comments and DMs regarding the aforementioned BLIZZARD Treat, we centered this mini activation around the idea of the social media manager plotting their revenge and having a bit of fun with the DQ Fans leading up to the release date.
The campaign helped contribute to DQ’s highest performing month on social at the time.
Creative Director(s): Stacia Weiss and Eileen Hogan
Copywriter: Molly McWhertor
The campaign began with a simple image featuring a cryptic folder that the social media manager "found" on their boss' desktop.
From there, we dropped a video on TikTok and Reels that challenged Fans to pause the video at the right time to uncover a secret.
We then rolled out some Instagram Stories pushing a secret playlist we had created featuring song titles and artists that were components of a S'more.
By then, it was time for the main S'moment. We released a formal press statement, paying homage to another GOAT, and paired it with an eye-catching graphic that was all about screaming from the rooftops that everyone's favorite BLIZZARD Treat was back in stores.
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